Karen Mackay Sells Her Art in Support of West Park

COVID-19 has been hard on our residents who call West Park home. Communal programming, visits home and family visitors have all been curbed for the safety of our vulnerable patient population, many of whom depend on a machine to breathe.

In the midst of this challenging time, Karen Mackay, a patient in West Park’s Complex Continuing Care unit, has chosen to learn a new skill and unleash her creativity through painting. Karen humbly makes no claims on being an artist but when a nurse suggested that she should sell her artwork, she decided she would give it a try and donate the proceeds to West Park Foundation.

“This place has been WONDERFUL and I will never be able to repay what it means to me but you’ve got to start somewhere, right?” Karen says.

Each of Karen’s paintings have now been sold. All proceeds support West Park Healthcare Centre Foundation. We thank everyone for their interest.