West Park Foundation Joins Will Power Movement

You Can Make a Difference with Your Will

Did you know that your will can be a powerful tool for making a meaningful impact in your community? When you leave a charitable gift in your will, you are making a lasting commitment to support a cause close to your heart.

There are many misconceptions about planned giving, which is why West Park Foundation has joined the Will Power national movement. The campaign seeks to dispel misconceptions about legacy giving by educating Canadians on the true impact of leaving a charitable gift in your will.

“We are delighted to join Will Power in helping donors realize the powerful impact of including a charitable gift in their estate plans,” says Joanne Cole, CEO of West Park Foundation. “These gifts have the power to transform lives and create a legacy that will never be forgotten.”

Leaving a charitable gift in your will doesn’t have to come down to a choice between supporting your loved ones and your favourite charities. You can do both. In fact leaving a small percentage of your estate to a charitable cause is a tax efficient way to make the most of your estate plans.

When you leave a charitable gift in your will, you can reduce the taxes owed on your estate, and in some cases even eliminating them, while leaving the same amount of money to heirs. But only five per cent of Canadians have included charities in their estate plans.

This generous act of philanthropy is about more than just tax savings. It’s a way to make a tremendous contribution to the causes you care about, to make your mark, and inspire your family and friends.

Will Power estimates that if only 3.5 per cent more ordinary Canadians included a charitable gift in their will in the coming decade, this would result in $40 billion dollars being directed to charitable causes.

The Will Power website features many learning and planning resources to empower individuals with the knowledge to make this impactful decision, including a library of insightful articles and a legacy calculator.

If you would like to learn more about how you can leave a gift in your will to West Park, read our Planned Giving page, or please contact in confidence:

Ashleigh Manzon
Director, Annual Programs & Planned Giving
West Park Foundation
416-243-3600 ext. 4215

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