Expanded Outpatient Services in the new West Park

Expanded Outpatient Services in the new West Park

The new West Park will include significantly expanded outpatient facilities, enabling more people to remain at home while accessing the care they need to recover and maintain their health.

The largest of three blocks – or wings – in the new hospital will be devoted to outpatient care, with features including:

  • An Outpatient Clinic six times the size of the current clinic, allowing us to meet rising demand for our services. Home to a variety of clinics including amputee, geriatrics, spasticity and more, its 18 procedure rooms will be equipped with patient lifts and virtual care capabilities.
    A view of Buttonwood Avenue through the one-way tinted windows from the Outpatient Rehabilitation Gym that affords patients and staff privacy, while still being able to look out unhindered.

  • Outpatient Rehabilitation facilities (currently Rehab Plus) that will be 60 percent larger and will include a much larger gymnasium and therapy pool, an Activities of Daily Living suite, treatment rooms, and direct access to an enclosed therapy courtyard where patients can practice walking on a variety of surfaces they will encounter in their everyday life.
  • An expanded RBC Day Program that will provide intensive rehabilitation therapy to more patients living with serious respiratory illness, and will also include a new geriatric service to help seniors live at home longer.
  • A Prosthetics and Orthotics department that will more than double in size, accommodating innovative and new technologies to better service our growing patient population.

Other outpatient services currently offered at West Park will also be housed in the Outpatient Block.

This profile originally appeared in the Fall 2022 edition of Giving Lives Back. Click here to read the full newsletter.