Campus Development

A bold new future for West Park

The sound of shovels breaking ground on October 11, 2018, ushered-in a bold new future for West Park. These symbolic steps were the first in a journey that will culminate in a new $1.2-billion, six-storey hospital overlooking the beautiful Humber Valley.

This remarkable building will be at the centre of our new integrated campus of care, a stunning transformation that will allow us to better support people when they are most vulnerable and meet the rising demand for rehabilitation and complex care.

Construction has continued in earnest through the first half of 2020, with highlights including the “big dig” ceremony in February, and the assembly of the first two construction cranes in May and June. As the building begins to take shape, new renderings show the hospital’s outline overlaying the present construction site and excavation pit. The outline is an approximate sketch of the new West Park and the in-patient and outpatient areas that make up the new facility. Click here to view the images and learn more.

Our patients face some of life’s most difficult health challenges, including severe trauma, amputation, chronic lung disease and spasticity, a debilitating symptom of stroke, cerebral palsy and multiple sclerosis. They work hard to get back to their lives, supported by our skilled, caring team, and they deserve the very best care on their difficult journey.

Our new hospital will:

  • recognize that a stay in rehab is measured in weeks and months, by providing greater comfort and privacy for patients and families;
  • maximize the rehabilitation time available to patients by clustering related services together and locating specialized therapy gyms on each unit floor;
  • include 20 per cent more beds, a necessary expansion as the population ages and more people are living with chronic disease and disability;
  • double the space for outpatient clinics so more patients can benefit from our excellent care and sleep in their own beds at night; and,
  • bring clinicians and researchers together in a collaborative working space, allowing our patients to benefit from the most up-to-date knowledge and techniques.

The new West Park will make great use of our beautiful, expansive grounds, visually integrating the indoor rehabilitative space with the invigorating outdoor environments. Each patient floor will have an outdoor terrace; the campus will have gardens, trails and outdoor, multi-use rehabilitation spaces, to help patients learn to navigate all types of terrain. This design celebrates West Park’s extraordinary setting, allowing patients to benefit from the healing power of nature.

West Park Foundation’s $80 million Get Your Life Back Campaign is supporting the capital costs of the new hospital, helping to bring the very best in rehabilitative care to Ontario. You can be part of this inspiring project by making a donation today.

Learn more about the campus development here, watch the building take shape on our construction cam or see renderings of the finished product below.

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